Special Eucharistic Evening

October 13, 2019

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Aradhana Bhavan Provincial House, Pateri conducted a Eucharistic evening on 13th October 2019 on the occasion of Extraordinary Mission Month 2019. We have invited our parishioners and all the neighbouring religious communities to this event. The program began at 4.00 p.m. with the Holy Rosary guided by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr Jacob Adampakallel. After the solemn one hour of Holy Rosary, Sr Lee Rose Kachappilly gave a talk on ‘faith’ explaining how our faith can be lived and shared. She also provided certain tips of faith to be followed in order to live the mission which everyone has received. Then the people in prayer were directed to the ‘Holy Hour’ conducted by Sr Rosmy Kurre. The event was concluded by singing holy praises of St Mariam Thresia who was canonized and raised to sainthood on the same day. The community dispersed after taking part in the Agape.

Sr Maria Jose SABS
Aradhana Bhavan Provincial House