Location: Vindya Nagar is a place about 270 Kms away from Satna. It is near to Singrauli and Waidhan. This place is near the Singrauli coal mines.

Station: lt was a dream of the Christians, at Vindhya Nagar to have a parish church to comc together for praycr and worship. Irrespective of denomination and rite, Christians dccidcd to stand together and work unitedly for the construction of the church. On 14 November, 1992, Fr. George Vempilly V.C., the then priest in charge, laid the foundation stone for the church. The construction was donc solely with the generous contributions of a handful of Christians and a few wcll-wishers. On 3 January, 1999 Mar Ábrahám D. Mattam blessed the church and offered Holy Qurbana. The Holy Cross church, at Vindhya Nagar stands not only for a few choscn ones, but alsó for the shccp that do not beleng to His flock, as it is an ecumenical church.

De Paul School: Much before the church was thought of, there was a Vincentian Housc, at Vindhya Nagar and attached to it, the De Paul School. The house known as the De Paul Bhavan was blcssed by Mar Ábrahám D. Mattam bn 27 June, 1984 and the School was inaugurated by Shri. J.P. Jaiswal, General Manager N.T.P.C, Víndhyachal. The school started functioning with 50 kids at its beginning. Fr. Antony Kakanatt V.C. was the mission superior, whose pioneering works produced fruit in the form of the Vincentian house. The school gradually passed through her infancy and childhood succesfully under the able guidance of Fr. Paul Kottaram V.C, the first Principal of the school. The school grew up to a reputed establishment with the growing strength of staff and students in 1989.

Fr. Paul Kottaram V.C, left Vindhya Nagar in 1990 and Fr. Augustine Mundackatt V.C. took charge as the new Principal, while Fr. Varghese Puthussery, V.C. was made Vice-Principal. Though the school had affíliation with M.P Board of Secondary Education there was a constant request from the parcnts to get CBSE pattem of education as they found it convenient for the continuity of their ward's schooling evén when they go out, on transfer. In April 1991 application was given for the affíliation with the CBSE Board, Delhi. In the meanwhile Fr. George Josc Vempilly V.C. took charge as the Principal in July 1991 and CBSE affíliation was received in 1992. In 1994 the first batch of students appeared in Ali India Secondary School Certificate examination and 75% had come out with First Division.

In 1995 the Principal was replaced with Fr. Mathew Pothalil, V.C. In 1996 the school was made Highcr Secondary. There was another mutual transfer in 1998 when Fr. George Vempilly V.C. came back as the Principal. Bro. Joseph Naduvileparambil, V.C. joined the school administration in March, 1998, as Fináncé Offícer. It is worth mentioning that two of our students got admission for Professional course as M.B.B.S. Today De Paul stands for accademic excellence, development of skills and character formádon of the students with a view to train them as proud citizens of the nation. At present there arc 1400 students spread from L.K.G to Std. XII, with 57 teachers on the staff,

Handmaids of Mary Convent: A convent of the Sisters of Handmaids of Mary, Orissa was estab-lished, in 1984. The pioncers were Srs. Mary Chakalackal,-Alexia, Martha Kujur, Rosilind, Fatima and Clementia. They help to run the school and the parish. At present there are four sisters, and three of them are working in the school. They are: Srs. Mary VU (Superior), Lilly Thomas, Leyola and Sr. Rosily Thomas.