Family Renewal Programme – Singrauli Zone

September 15, 2019

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The family renewal programme of Singrauli Zone was held on September 15th 2019 at Holy Family Church, Singrauli. The renewal programme started with the praise and worship at 8:30 a.m. Rev. Fr Antony Pullan, the Eparchial Director initiated the adoration at 9.30 a.m. which was led by Rev. Fr Joshy Pullokaran, the resource person of the day. It was a time of special grace and blessing from the Almighty God.

Rev. Fr Joshy Pullokaran, the Administrator of Daya Sagar Shrine, was introduced to the faithful. He spoke about the family starting with the creation of Adam and Eve recorded in the book of Genesis. He elaborated about the quality time in the family which will help us to grow in happiness and togetherness in the family. The family prayer and steadfast faith in Almighty God are the remedies to the family problems.

The resource person emphasised the family bond which is the corner stone of the family life. The excess use of social media is very badly affecting the family bond. The couples were given exercise to renew the marital pledge taken during the celebration of the sacrament of marriage which in turn helped them to renew their mutual love and relationship. The couples danced and praised God the Almighty with songs and clapping of hands.

Rev. Frs Charles Kurisseril VC, Paul Uthinipparampan, Thomas Alappattukottayil, Thomas Puthenthayil and Antony Pullan were there to help the people to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation. All the participants had real confessions by shedding tears with true repentance. The confession and inner healing prayer by Rev. Fr Joshy Pullokaran by laying hand over the faithful were going on simultaneously. We could indeed experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many participants got cured from various sicknesses and could solve different family issues with the help of the Holy Spirit. There were many priests for the solemn celebration of Holy Qurbana. Rev. Fr Antony Pullan, the Director of Family and Laity, was the main celebrant of Holy Qurbana at 3:30 p.m. The resource person was available for the faithful for the personal meetings and prayer as well as for discussing their various personal and family problems.

Rev. Fr Augustine Chittupparambil, the parish priest of Holy Family Church, thanked the family renewal team and the participants. The Family and Laity commission sincerely thanked FCC Sisters of Christu Niwas Convent, Singrauli for their support and co-operation for successfully conducting the one day programme. There were many participants from St Paul Church Waidhan, St Vincent De Paul Church Vindhyanagar, St Ephrem Church Odgady and St Louis Church Jayant. This renewal programme was an enriching experience for the family members.

Fr Antony Pullan
Family and Laity commission