August 18, 2019

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The family renewal programme of Tikamgarh Zone was held on August 18th 2019 at Maria Mata Church, Chhatarpur. The programme began with the Holy Hour Adoration, submitting the participants and the whole programme to the hands of the loving God, the heavenly Father. Rev. Fr Antony Pullan, Eparchial Director of Family and Laity Commission guided the holy hour adoration.

The first session of the programme started at 9:30 a.m. by Rev. Fr Joshy Pullokaran from the eparchy of Sagar. He spoke about the origin of the family and the problems faced by the first parents with special reference to the book of Genesis. The quality time spent in family will help us to bring about happiness and togetherness in the family. Regular family prayer and steadfast faith in the Almighty God are the remedies to the family problems. The resource person addressed different issues faced by family today and tried to propose their solution in the light of Holy Bible.

The family bond is the corner stone of family life. The excess use of social media is very badly affecting the family relationship. The couples were given exercise to renew the marital pledge which helped the families to renew the family bond with the oath taken at the time of the sacrament of marriage. He explained about peace, love and happiness in the family life with different activities and experience sharing.

Holy Hour was again conducted from 2 p.m. onwards led by the preacher with the prayer for inner healing which helped the faithful to prepare for a meaningful confession. All the participants of family renewal program received the Sacrament of Reconciliation before the celebration of the Holy Qurbana. Rev. Fr Martin Valloran offered Holy Eucharist at 3:15 p.m. and Rev. Fr Antony Pullan gave the message. Many families came forward for a personal meeting with the resource person in order to get special blessing and prayer.

There were good number of participants from St Jude church Lavkushnagar, Little Flower Church Tikamgarh and Maria Mata Church Chhatarpur. This renewal programme served as an eye opener for the family members. The resource person facilitated the family members to have a better and meaningful family life in the light of Word of God.

Fr Antony Pullan
Family and Laity commission